Who is the Untrapreneur?

A person who has zero knowledge in accounting and management; and yet, dropped a stable job, a blossoming career, the glory of the byline, her passion in news reporting – all for trying to run a business. Talk about taking risks!

Backgrounder: The Untrapreneur is a female proprietor living in her quarter life. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. After graduating from college, she had been in the field of media for three years before putting up a business – which, by the way, is a printing press.

Will she become the entrepreneur she dreams to be? Or will she get trapped in this game ruled by sharks and alligators?

Join her as she “aha, ohh, oops” her way into the business world.

What will be the content of this blog?

The Untrapreneur started this blog to: (1) have an organized log on all the learnings she have/will come across while doing business; (2) help her reflect on and better analyze the technicalities that must be put into practice; (3) share with fellow newbies what it’s like to be a 25-year-old clueless (Editor’s note: strikethrough if not clueless anymore) entrepreneur; and (4) hopefully, learn from the real deals in this field. Well, all these and the fact that she still wants to be read because #FormerJourno.

That being said, readers may expect entries on the 101s of the industry, stories of success and failures, and basically anything related to the 5Ws, 1H of business.

Let’s hope that, in this blog, you witness the Untrapreneur “un-trap” and bring out the entrepreneur in her.