You’re a business? Show me the receipts

Nope – not a screenshot that your business has 300 likes on Facebook already (but, congratulations!), nor your government business permits.

You cannot fully claim that you are a business entity legitimately operating unless you are able to issue receipts and/or invoices, validated by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), to your clients.

According to the 1997 Tax Code of the Philippines, Section 237, all entities subject to internal revenue tax shall issue BIR-registered receipts or invoices for each sale worth P25.00 or more.

A seller of goods must have collection receipts and/or sales invoices; while one rendering services must have official receipts and/or billing statements. These are classified by the BIR as “principal” documents evidencing sales.

Also, the receipts and invoices must follow a certain standard set by the BIR, i.e.: must at least be in duplicate; must contain spaces for date of transaction and client’s name, business style, address, and taxpayer identification number; must show details of transaction like quantity, unit cost, description of merchandise or service provided; and many others subject to the BIR’s further instructions.

If you think it’s complicated; well… you are right! The good news is, producing these receipts and invoices is not within your scope. ONLY a BIR-accredited printer can provide you these requirements. The Untrapreneur is emphasizing that not all commercial printers can print your receipts and invoices. HERE is the complete list of the printers with accreditation.

Although you can just get the requirements needed from the printer’s end (their Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Accreditation, BIR Annual Registration Fee Form 0605 and Proof of Payment, and Job Order), there are printers who go out of their way to save you from the hassle of application for the authority to print and the registration and stamping of your receipts and invoices.

I’m not saying it’s Distor Printing Press, Inc., pero parang ganoon na nga.

Distor Printing Press, Inc. has been accredited by the BIR ever since this ruling was implemented and has renewed its accreditation this year. An OG, indeed.

Reach Distor Printing Press, Inc. at:
1448 San Diego Street, Sampaloc, Manila

741 14 31 / 242 76 27
0908 379 2733

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