Goodbye, Dunkin’ Donuts?

(Featured image credit to Dunkin Donuts Philippines’ Twitter @dunkindonutsph)

No need to worry, though. Our friendly neighbor just ought to be friendlier and decided to be called in a first name basis – Dunkin’.

On September 25 (September 26 PH time), the doughnut giant announced that it will drop “Donuts” from its official name come January 2019. With it, a new store design, a nitro-infused cold brew, and a green tea beverage will be introduced, among others.

Dunkin’ Brands CEO and President Dave Hoffman told the U.S. reporters, “This isn’t a change for the sake of change.” He said, the new branding is a clear signal that there will be something new.

The “Enough Said” advertisement on Twitter suggests that Dunkin’ is not just about doughnuts; they have coffee, croissants, sandwiches, etc.

According to Dunkin’s Chief Marketing Officer in the U.S., Tony Weisman, 60 percent of the company’s sales come from beverages.

Hoffman added that they made a test-run in 50 chains wherein the logo just read “Dunkin’ ” in August 2018; and the revenue for those shops have gone up.

This is not the first time that the company will be switching its name in 68 years.

Im 1948, the founder William Rosenberg named the first store “Open Kettle” in Quincy, Massachusetts. He then changed it to “Dunkin’ Donuts” in 1950 after the ad “America Runs on Dunkin” was used.

Meanwhile, this came unnoticed by the netizens worldwide (apparently, except in the Philippines). The news garnered different reactions. Some even felt sentimental since the word doughnuts, being spelled “donuts”, was widely accepted because of Dunkin’ Donuts.

Philippine Twitter world, where you at? Are you okay with this?

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