Why I took the risk

Diving into business is the biggest and riskiest decision I have made so far – and I haven’t regretted it, at least yet.

Let me lay these out:

  • I am a BA Journalism degree holder and have only worked in the media industry ever since graduation.
  • My grade in Basic Accounting in my first year of college was a big, fat, cinco. That’s when I decided to jump to Journalism.
  • Upon shifting programs, of all the general courses I already took, Economics was the only subject not credited because my grade was below the standard.

If I analyze carefully, these would seem enough indicators that I would fail being an entrepreneur. Still, I took the risk.

I did it not because I wasn’t happy with my career working for a broadsheet. In fact, I felt that writing was the only thing I’m good at and I was somehow being acknowledged for it..

I did it not because my fire for writing has died down. No, my fire is very much flaming up until today; thus, this blog.

I did it not because I wanted to be my own boss; not because I wanted to save myself off of everyday commute to work; not because I wanted to sleep longer on weekdays; not because I don’t want to appear to the office on holidays.

Even though I knew that people can judge easily and throw petty speculations as to why I quit my job to put up a business; and although I knew that some people important to me wouldn’t approve of it in an instant…

Still, I took the risk…

Because I came across a vision of myself and of a company I want to run. It was a dream so strong that I decided to work on it as early as now even if it meant sacrificing my stability, the security of my monthly paycheck, and the prestige that comes with being able to legitimately report news to the nation.

Uncalculated? Dumb? I think so, too; but, in my twenty-five years, I haven’t been this willing to give up so much for something. For me, that was enough of a reason to risk it all.

And hey, I haven’t regretted it, at least not yet.

– The Untrapreneur

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